A new leaf


Thank you very much for all the blog birthday greetings and comments, especially to Kitsch, who has provided constructive input. Much appreciated. Will do my best to make this page more interesting and inspiring to readers, while enjoying more myself.

Took these pics the other day. Initially, I wanted to wear the vest all buttoned up, but it didn't feel right. Why? Because much of the pattern – the plaid from the shirt and the diagonal stripes from the skinny tie – would have been obscured, dulling the outfit.


Was about to leave the room with just the shirt and tie (the other items too, of course), but the powder blue and grays felt too neutral; not even the brown leather belt and laceups were enough to ground what I was wearing. So the vest was a last-minute adjustment. Other times, a jacket, tie, or hat can serve this purpose.

G200 shirt, Two Percent jeans, wool tie, and vest: all thrifted; laceups, Marlboro Classics; belt from Italy

Pictures by Cecilia Aycocho