My latest fix: Gray multi-patterned cardigan

Topman cardigan

Before I tell you about the Benetton shoot at the Industria studio at Washington Street, I'll tell you about what I did after that.

Friday afternoon, Jamie and I rode the subway to Soho, where I was overjoyed to see the Rogan shop, which had great cardigans on sale. But alas, none were calling out my name. Would have wanted to scout the area — not to mention watch the stylish people — for other favorites such as John Varvatos, Jack Spade, etc., but with the limited time at hand, I agreed to immediately proceed to Broadway's Topman, H&M, J. Crew, and Forever 21 for Jamie.

This Topman cardigan is what I ended up with. The store had lots of blazers I coveted, but none fit well (when they fit the shoulders, they were too long or I couldn't close the buttons…). Was also disappointed when my size was out for H&M's seersucker jackets. Not that I didn't totally love what I got. With more and more threads of my "houndstooth" Sisley jacket going loose, this was a timely purchase. Notice how it camouflages against my sheets? Maybe I'll find a shirt with a similar pattern to go wit it.

(Oh, it was also my first time to enter a Victoria's Secret store. As I waited for Jamie, I remembered getting lost in rack upon rack of lingerie as a kid waiting for my mom.)