Benetton IT'S:MY:TIME winners by the hour

benetton top 100

I'm sure those among the top 100 (by popular vote) in Benetton's IT'S:MY:TIME global casting campaign competition are not getting much sleep these next few days.

benetton top 5

Benetton has already announced 5 of the 20 winners who will fly to New York for next season's ad campaign. One winner per hour will be announced until the 20 are complete.

benetton melanie alexander

I am glad that Melanie Alexander, 32, from Switzerland, has been an early pick. She is among my contestant favorites.

I wrote this about her in my top 5 blog post: Yes, Melanie has wonderful hair, but it doesn't look simply put on. It is the mane for her tigress within. Her style is as smooth as her dance moves.

benetton sarah d

Also notable among the winners so far is Sarah D., who is only 14 and from the Dominican Republic.

benetton aitor 87

Among those in the top 100, I like the style of Aitor87, 22, from Spain.

benetton david sheldrick

David Sheldrick, 19 from South Korea, is also someone to watch out for.

benetton nacym

And so is Nacym, 27, from France.

benetton LSjoberg

Unfortunately, among my top 5 picks, only Melanie was able to get into the top 100 and became eligible to be picked.

LSjoberg, 20, from Sweden, could have been a sure win.

LSjoberg dreams of being a model, and he certainly has the looks for it, but what gives him the edge - strange to say it - is the sadness and melancholy in his eyes. There is the promise of much more to discover about him, just through his looks.

benetton burger kim

And there is, of course, Burger Kim, 22, from the United Kingdom.

Like his favorite arcade games, Burger Kim comes at you from every direction. His style is unexpected, but he carries it well; he is totally himself. Crazy as his Mickey Mouse jumper and goofy as, well, Goofy.

. . .

There have been many complaints among entrants of the flawed structure of the contest, especially how many early contestants were able to use the vote-for-me-and-I'll-vote-for-you ploy to their advantage.

That is the downside of opening something to the public, of making things democratic. No different from reality show competitions with audience votes. I think the immense opportunity made available to aspiring models, the new friendships formed, and the discussion and exchange fostered online are more than enough to compensate for any (inevitable) limitations.

A few more hours and all 20 winners will be known. Stay tuned!