Filipino psychedelia in Illustrado magazine


You know what, the main reason I was looking forward to this fantastic editorial from the amazing photographer-stylist duo Enzo Mondejar and Eric Poliquit was because I knew my Bosquejo necklaces would be featured in Illustrado's August 2011 issue. But when I finally saw the images, I almost forgot about my pieces. I just wanted to stare at each spread and proceed to the next.


Illustrado is a Dubai-based magazine created by Filipinos. On each cover reads: "Taas noo, Filipino!" ("Keep your head held high, Filipino!") When I turned to this next spread, I was confounded with an inexplicable mix of references. You know where the color blocking references come from, even the use of smoke and stripes. But when I saw them together, they left a delicious taste in my mouth: what one savors at the enjoyment of something new.

Right: Alecto and Eumenides necklaces from the Hardware collection.


The fluorescent make-up and big hair do their magic, as does the backdrop. But, especially in this spread, nothing beats the props! How Filipino can you get with the cellophane, the cardboard container for hotdog sandwiches and fishballs? But then taken out of context, the result is brilliant. These are the things that make the aesthetic new, vibrant, and original.


Even this. There are no individual elements that make these shots local, but there is an unmistakable vibe. The coral necklace with the buttons, the hair, the balloons, the cut-out hearts. The expression!


It's like Ang Kiukok taking cubism and making it his own, our own. Mixed with the surreal skin-tugging. All in the details, all in the putting together of elements.


Here it is the beltbag (fanny pack?), Chunli the dog with the futuristic Filipina matron. Of course, besides these, I love the craziness of the color combinations.

Left: Alecto and Eumenides necklaces from the Hardware collection. Right: Herman necklace also from Hardware.


These images are all in a place of their own, our own. And the prospect is tantalizing.

Congratulations again, Enzo and Eric!

Photography: Enzo Mondejar. Styling: Eric Poliquit. Hair and make-up: Nina Dumpa. Models: Manuela Basilio and Gerard Go. Shot at the Mondejar Studio.