Everything that sparkles at Dolce & Gabbana Spring 2010

Seems Wolverine has been busy with Dolce & Gabbana's denim. Of interest is not just the great wash (esp. the rightmost jacket) and finish, but also the way the jeans have been styled with track pants (?) underneath. And yes, a sparkling scarf has made its way into a denim on denim outfit.

Strange though that these are absent when the jeans are worn with suit and tuxedo jackets. Makes sense in a way, but for statement purposes.

Now these ripped white pants look perfectly like tatters. They cannot stand alone, unless of course, you wear them to the beach, where they could well be worn down or torn into shorts. Forgot to mention: notice how the fit of the trousers are more relaxed.

Except maybe for those worn with leftmost tank top. The second one with crystals can extend from day wear into evening — that is, if you are roughing it.

What do you think about the resurgence of the murse (man purse)? Are we ready to reembrace the beat out men's clutch bag?

From scarves to tanks, the black embellishments can also be found on pants, as above. The rips on the jeans seem similarly patterned to the embroidery.

These bikers and clubbers don't need introductions. Their clothing bling do the talking. And what of this robe? Can you imagine yourself throwing it on the bathroom floor ?

The imagery Dolce & Gabbana is known for. For this show, the pair picked up inspiration from the men of Sicily and the Italian region's topnotch tailoring.

With either shawl collars with piping or with traditional wing-tips, the shimmering scarves draw attention to the lapels of the jackets. Here, in these all-black numbers, there is already the suggestion of geometrical patterns.

The two on the right almost remind you of another label that shows at Milan. What do you think of the rosettes on the collars of the other two jackets?

Gold, the old repository of value, dismisses all doubts about the state of the economy with these sparkling scarves, which go very well with the intricate and geometric patterns.

The black tuxedos line up the crystals in stripes or brick plaid.

Before they come arranged in arabesques and in the shape of foliage.

A long line-up of glittering jackets ended the Dolce & Gabbana show, which fittingly opened the collections at Milan. If economists' predictions serve right, 2010 will see the crisis turn. It is a good idea then to greet the year with pieces both grand and unabashedly upbeat.