Color lessons from Vanessa Jackman

01 Duncan Campbell, Acne Paper

This is Duncan Campbell, editor of Acne Paper. Plenty of little things to note from his outfit that make it casually stylish, but what gets to me the most is the black piping of his jacket, which subtly pulls everything together. The reason why his ensemble is low-key is because the colors — navy, teal, and purple — are closely related, are all bound by blue.

Of course, his gold wristwatch and signet ring become the icing.

02 Joe Jackson

Besides the obvious fact that Joe Jackson's outfit is built around the color of his eyes, it is the buttoned collar of his polo shirt that introduces subtlety.


This club collar, on the other hand, is barely there, and may have otherwise have been a Mandarin collar. But Vanessa is right: the highlight of this picture is his hair. None better to go with his schoolboy's attire, and which, not coincidentally, is a color complement of blue.


You could probably notice these Pippi Longstocking socks coming to you from the next block, but what fascinates me more are the shape of his shoes ad his two-tone shirt.


The collar and the patent-toe Lanvin sneakers are the perfect muted partners.

06 Joe Jackson

Though on an actor as seriously-looking as Joe Jackson, I would have wished brown leather shoes. Doubling the white cancels the charming effect of his polo shirt.

07 Carlos Rivera

You may think that there is nothing subtle about Carlos Rivera's "costume", but he has been quite successful in taming his pink floral shirt with his matching jacket and spectacles. Not to mention with the violet, black, and blue pattern of his pocket square.