Black faux fur vest with onyx and black pearls


Sure, I have worn a lace skirt as a cardigan for Halloween, but this I have never done.

Went to Rockwell to visit Pier Lim, a friend who was selling his clothes at a bazaar. We were kidding around, and another friend and I decided to wear some of the items while going through the bazaar. Here are two of the shots.


I am donning the faux fur vest with a work in progress: a black necklace I am designing for another friend — a girl, hence the length. It is made up of irregular black pearls, onyx stones with rosette carvings, and obsidian, which is also black but with a sheen more subtle than onyx.

Still getting the hang of it, especially with the heat, but I must say that the texture and sheen of the vest give my black outfit more than a little zest.

Faux fur vest, Pier Lim; black tee, G200; sheer cardigan; thrifted; jeans, Jil Sander

Photos by Michael Son