The clock ticks above shifting shadows


Remember this wool jacket, which I bought with three different cardigans and a fleece coat? Well, I've removed the women's pads and this is how it looks.


Just practice for a cooler climate; no need to be so grim about the heat. Wanted to show how good the jacket looks with a striped tee and baggy drawstring pants — at the very least, for wear at the office.


Hmmm… The last time I experienced spring in another country was more than a decade ago, in 1999. I stepped off Rome's Termini and got surprised by the cold. But what I liked best about it was the mix of pleasant sun and wind while walking in the plazas and down the cobbled streets of several countries.


This time I will only be away for a few days, and the trip is to only one country, all-expenses-paid. I should panic deciding on what to pack; instead I am excited about the people I will be able to meet.

Tee, Polo Ralph Lauren; wool jacket, thrifted; drawstring pants, Marks & Spencer

Photos by Patricia Suzara