Benetton party at The Standard's Boom Boom Room

Boom Boom Room 01

Writing this at 1am here in Manila, on a Monday! (past-posting to Sunday to fill in the gaps). Some pics reappear from my Benetton blog post, Brothers and sisters and from my previous post (just to complete the picture).

Here is what the Boom Boom Room looks like just before dusk, and when the people haven't yet filled it out.

Boom Boom Room 02b

Fellow bloggers Mai of Maisassygirl and Susie of Style Bubble.

Boom Boom Room 03b

Nels of Stylites in Beijing, another Benetton blogger. Check out his site for streetstyle in the Chinese capital.

Boom Boom Room 04

Stripes, bow ties, and shades from the guys of Montaigne Street.

Boom Boom Room 05

How the tables look with the bubblies and the candles lit.

Boom Boom Room 06b

Gisela, the winner from Spain, lights up before the camera.

Boom Boom Room 07

Four of the winners, all smiles before the camera: Tetyana aka Old York from the Ukraine, Melanie from Switzerland, Patricia from the Netherlands, and Tereza aka Prague Girl from the Czech Republic.

Boom Boom Room 08

Natalchou from Kazakhstan with the boys from Paris.

Boom Boom Room 09

Patricia, Tereza, and the youngest winner, Sarah from the Dominican Republic.

Boom Boom Room 10

David, from Seoul, says here: "Let's remember the city just like this," as he points out the window. No, I don't think he was drunk.

Boom Boom Room 11

Lorenzo aka Plastic is Fantastic from Italy, with his companion, Melanie, and Tetanya, recognizing someone.

Boom Boom Room 12

Francis, aspiring musician from the UK with Elizabeth from Hong Kong.

Boom Boom Room 13

Tetanya with David.

Boom Boom Room 14

Janelle from the US with Abdou from Italy.

Boom Boom Room 15

Ben from Germany with his companion.

Boom Boom Room 16b

Patricia, who everybody mistook for Tereza, and vise-versa. (See them together for the Benetton shoot.)

Boom Boom Room 17

Sumit from India, with his well-cut seersucker jacket.

Boom Boom Room 18

The lovely Soraya, who goes back and forth between Ghana and the UK.

Boom Boom Room 19b

A night of hors d'oevres makes Lorenzo and most of the other winners hungry. (Went with a small Benetton gang to an overpriced Vietnamese resto after the party.)

Boom Boom Room 20b

Abdou with his multi-pattern scarf.

Boom Boom Room 21

Natalchou, whose grin matches her eyelashes.

Boom Boom Room 22

And Magali from France, whose beauty is as subtle as her beloved textiles and piano music.

Was able to chat with most of them. I'll save the interesting bits for my next Benetton blog post. Due in a few hours!