Etsy Update: Printed Cotton Skirts


The other day someone suggested that I organize my shop categories by sizes rather than by type so it would make it easier to find something in your own size rather than looking through each page. I have seen other shops organized like this and I can definitely see the appeal. I thought for a minute about changing mine around but realized that a) I like seeing how many of each type of clothing I have listed and b) it would be an awfully time consuming project to recategorize every piece I have listed in the shop! Then it occurred to me that it would be quite easy for all of you to browse by size in my shop. Here's how...

I already have each item label by size in the description and in the tags. All you have to do is search by size under "this shop" in the Etsy search engine. For example, if you're looking for size large clothing just search the word "large" or the letter "l" in my shop and it will find all of the size large clothing for you. Search "xs" for extra smalls, "s" for smalls, "m" for mediums and so on. Make sense? Hope so!