Southern Road Trip Diary, pt 1

(hanging out with Allison, my sister and Maddie... spontaneous napping on the porch) All photos by Tom b.

Here are a few photos from our trip down south. It all began with a 14 hour car ride. The first night there was a whopper of a thunderstorm that rolled through. It was the same storm that caused all of the terrible flooding in Tennessee. We were lucky and only received about 5 inches of rain. I have to admit I really enjoyed hearing the rain hitting the tin roof and the big rumbling thunder. I miss southern thunderstorms!

(the animal kingdom... Gabby, George, Maddie, Buttercup)

Being at my parent's log house means one thing in particular. Lots of porch time! Their porch reaches 360 degrees, all the way around the house. On every side and corner you'll find a new place to hang out... hammocks, rocking chairs, porch swings. There was a lot of hanging out on the porch with Maddie, the 115 pound Rottweiler that thinks she's still a little lap dog. She's sort of the third sister in the family. Then there's Gabby, the latest addition to the family in the form of a feisty little lizard hunting kitten. Then of course there are the chickens! Cute little bantams named George, Buttercup and Dumplin'.

(the fams hanging in the screen house... playing Elliot, my sister's boyfriend in checkers... Tom's porch swing nap!)

More porch time! This time in the form of the screen house, a little building in the middle of the woods that's basically one big screened-in porch. We played home-made checkers and sat around listening for forest creatures scurrying in the woods.

(collecting rocks for skipping... the moms and me sunning on the rocks)

Once we were good and tired of sitting on the porch (ha, ha) we wandered over to the Mill Pond. Back when the area was full of farmers they would bring their crops here to be milled. There's nothing left of the old mill but all of the rain had the water rushing high between the rocks. Much time was spent sunning on the banks and searching for the perfect rocks to skip in the pond.