Salvage Life: Relevant Vintage for Wasteless Living


All photos by Tom b.

One of the best parts of working with a sponsor is when they send you pretty clothes to play dress up with – especially when that sponsor is Salvage Life and they have a shop full of wonderful pieces to choose from!


That’s just what Beth from Salvage Life did… she was kind enough sent me a big box of clothes from her shop to keep for a while and play dress up. It was sort of like receiving a box on Christmas morning! I ooh’ed and ahh’ed as I pulled each piece out of the box.


The day Tom and I headed to the park to take photos was one of the rare warm spring days we’ve had lately. There was a bit of fog on the ground and the ducks and geese were just beginning their morning routines. It was such a lovely morning! Here are just a few of the photos we took that morning. If you’d like to see even more from the shoot, you can hop on over to Beth’s blog.


The hardest part was packing all the pieces up and sending them back. ;) But alas, I had to send them back, so y’all could have a chance to have them as your very own! Each of these pieces, and many more, are listed in the Salvage Life shop. Click through to find the blue floral dress, Edwardian lace blouse, caramel circle skirt and the peach floral dress.