Sally Scott S/S 2010


I have to admit that as much as I liked Sally Scott's A/W collection and their Harry Potter-esque moving picture lookbook, I had kind of forgotten about this label until I saw a post about their S/S collection on the Nadinoo blog. I think being from Japan and completely inaccessible in the States (as far as I can tell) had something to do with that.

I'm not as crazy about the lookbook this time around. I think I would prefer to see these light, spring pieces outdoors. I know the whole "pretty girl in a pretty dress in a pretty field" photos are commonplace these days and perhaps a bit repetitive but it just seems like these dresses deserve better than being locked in some suburban looking home! From what I gather (there's not too much English on the site), the above photos and the accompanying video feature some of the spring pieces while the individual product shots are the newer summer pieces? I'm just assuming this since none of the dresses in the video are the ones pictured for sale on the site and vice versa. Any Japanese readers are welcome to clear this up for me. ;)

Anyhoo... translation issues aside, I'm really loving the summer (?) stuff! Wearing simple summer dresses with flats and a tote bag sounds wonderful right now. That straw bag with the embroidered birds reminds me of the hex signs you see on Amish barns around Lancaster County!

sally scott