Rainy Day

trench coat: Gap
rain boots: Wellies
umbrella: vintage

Thank you so much for all of the wonderful encouraging comments on my last post! I'm glad you finally got to see a little bit of what I've been up to over the past month or so. We're really proud of the progress so far and we've been taking lots of before and during photos so when we get it all done and take our after photos I'll have to post a little series.

Here's the rainy version of the outfit I was wearing yesterday. I wanted to get some shots of our backyard but the sky wouldn't cooperate. We're only moving about seven blocks from our apartment to our house so whenever I have to make a quick trip there I usually just walk; thus the rain boots and umbrella. As excited as I am about the inside of the house, I'm equally excited about having our own tiny backyard.

We already have plans for a porch swing and a little vegetable/herb garden and finally a place to compost! And there's a scraggly orange cat that lives next door (I've already dubbed him Mr. Orange - I love Tim Roth). He climbs the fence and comes to visit so I'll be working on fattening him up. Oh, and my mom already built the worlds cutest bird house to hang on the fence so I can entice all the pretty little yellow finches I see in the trees to come live in the yard.