Polaroid Transfers


While I was cleaning out my closet this weekend I ran across a box of old photos, slides and negatives from years ago when I took a photography course while living in Birmingham. I loved taking those courses! My professor was Iranian and looked just like Albert Einstein. I kid you not - see for yourself! He required all of our photos to be taken on slide film so that they could easily be displayed and critiqued in class. I had to take an entire roll of 36 exposures a week for the class. That's alotta photo takin'!

Among the slides and negatives I also found this set of Polaroid transfers that I made. Polaroid transfers are made by exposing peel-off Polaroid film (these were made with 669 film) and then tearing open the pack before the photo is fully developed and transferring the image to another surface (these are on watercolor paper). You can use a Polaroid camera for this or a little machine that will transfer slide images onto the film - all those slides finally came in handy! I love the soft focus, grainy effect you get when transferring the images. Each one ends up a bit different depending on your timing and the conditions you're working in.

Finding these makes me want to get back to doing some hands-on photography work, rather than all digital and photoshopping. It also really makes me sad that Polaroid is stopping production on their film. What's going to happen when it all runs out?!