My Vintage Finds


I almost waited too late to take these photos. It's amazing how early the sun is going down these days. Like I said before, most things I'm buying lately are going straight into the store. Even if a piece slips through to my closet I usually wear it once or twice and then sell it anyway. For now, these are the pieces that are taking a little detour through my closet.

I love to wear dresses year round but since moving to PA I've found that the cold weather sometimes wins out over wearing a cute dress. This black Bobbie Brooks wool dress should cure that problem. I've been searching for a vintage Girl Scout dress for, well, perhaps years. I'm not sure what year this one is from so I'll have to do some research to find out. I can't wait to wear it but first it has a date with my iron and sewing machine. The little hand beaded collar came off of a dress I bought. I didn't really like the dress at all but couldn't resist that collar.


What a pain it is to photograph black clothes! You can never see all of the pretty little details. This sweater has a see-through mesh neckline with floral appliques. I'm not usually a fan of a lot of 70's fashion. Lately though I've been searching out longer skirt lengths (again, blame the cold weather) and the 70's seem to be the decade for that. I'm going to try to work these knee length skirts into rotation. Otherwise, you know where they'll end up!