Holiday Wish List


It hardly seems fair to publish a Holiday Wish List since I've told everyone I know not to buy me anything for Christmas. Honestly, none of these are needs in a time where lots of people are in need of many things. But I always have a little running list of things that catch my eye. Occasionally I'll indulged when something goes on sale but for the most part these things stay on the list until they get bumped off by some new shiny thing that catches my eye. Here's a little sampling of things that are on that list right now.

  • Floral suspenders (or braces, if you wish) from Lowie
  • Lots of knits - both of these are from Forever 21
  • Shoes from Anthropologie - just about any would do, but these are especially nice
  • Madeline dress in mocha from Nasty Gal
  • Bees have special meaning around our house so this Erica Weiner necklace is perfect