The Heimstone Jacket

jacket: Heimstone
dress: Topshop
sweater: vintage
wool tights: Mastermind
boot: vintage (I'm sort of wishing I hadn't sold these!)
purse: vintage

I was thrilled to be asked to take part in the Modepass traveling jacket project. I had worked with Beth on a similar project and knew how much fun it was to see how different people would style the same piece of clothing. When it was my turn to wear the jacket I knew I wanted to pair it with a feminine dress to contrast its structured military style. My inspiration came from the colorful leaves that were still changing and blanketing the ground as they fell from the trees. It also happened to be freezing cold that day so a lot of layers were in order. I stuck with an autumn color palette and piled on a sweater and wool tights. Tomorrow the jacket travels all the way to Punky B.