All Work and No Play


I've been wanting to try out a couple of wool knee length skirts that I found at a vintage store a while back. Since they aren't a style I normally wear I was having a hard time figuring out what to pair them with. My vintage brown knee boots were a given since they're all I've been wearing lately anyway. But what to wear on top? At first I reached for a frilly white blouse but quickly realized the weather was ruling that option out so I grabbed a grey cashmere turtle neck I just picked up at the thrift store instead. I looked in the mirror and was happy with the combination but for some reason it looked very familiar. Suddenly it struck me... Wendy Torrance! Not that that's a bad thing. As long as I don't run into any ax-wielding maniacs.

* I realize that the image on the left is not from the movie but I just love that photo of Shelley Duvall. The only images I could find from the movie were blurry screen captures. Ick. If you haven't seen the movie - do it!