Lanvin flies high

I don't know if it's the prominent color (plum or a darker shade of purple also quite prevalent in the New York shows), the styling of the scarves, or the vibe of the skullcaps and the coats - but Lanvin's Fall 2009 show reminds me of the movie Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow.

No, they're not stewardesses.

More like monochromatic travellers surveying their latest prospects. The last frontiers of luxury? Whatever it is, one is sure to be fully equipped with the perfect pair of pointed bronze boots.

In some moods, I think they are even better than the famous high top trainers.

The use of a single color or fabric in an outfit seems to be the most sensible form of sobriety to brave this crisis.

Devil may care, nobody's going to stop the use of luxurious, technically enhanced fabrics.

These skullcaps really change the character of the clothes, transforming their wearers into dandies, pilots, explorers, deviants - even mad scientists and heroes.

The coincidence of color may not be a coincidence at all. This suit is the best outfit because of it - and maybe also because of the permanently creased (ribbed?) trousers.