That bag

Best bags seen on Face Hunter in 2008

Don't you just love leather shoulder bags with multiple pockets and straps? Tan, chocolate, red - in the perfect color, these items are completely covetable.

Totes and shoppers: these are bags one cannot have enough of. The black leather tote on the left looks like a bag from Mango for men, as sported by Joona W. from Lookbook (Joona in another post!).

I like the corrugated texture and synthetic material of Mr. Batman's tote (his outfit is compared to one of Gustav Broström's in this post).

Every good bag should pass a mobility test if its makers want Europe's bikers to dig their stuff. Messengers and backpacks should be able to carry the day's essentials - mutt included!

What do you call the bag on the left, which is a cross between a purse, briefcase, and sack? Whatever it is, it makes for a great accessory - and camera case!

Now if bulky electronics aren't part of the tools of your trade, slim messengers will do, like the chocolate-colored bag on the right, with its contents probably as snug as his jacket. The slimness of his bag matches his skinny pants.

The carryall of the man on the left matches everything but his shorts. The boy on the right, meanwhile, has chosen to be precocious with his choice of shoes and gloves. His satchel, though, suits him. Both boys also know how to match their bowties with their hair!