Takeshi Kaneshiro: On hair

The half-Taiwanese, half-Japanese actor and singer represents Emporio Armani this season.

Smoothed out, his long hair gives him that air of gentility for the luxury label.

With more than 30 movies, 6 plays, and 11 music albums to his record, not to mention legions of Asian fans, Kaneshiro is a smart choice for Armani to further penetrate the region's market.

Though he looks better with long, tousled locks, his signature look, his movie that I have enjoyed the most is Wong Kar-Wai's Chungking Express, where his hair is cropped and he looks goofy.

Though Takeshi Kaneshiro is not among the best Asian actors, his face is one of the most distinct and identifiable.

Messy hair is a good frame for his long, angular face. Besides the fact that it is more swoon-worthy for his teenage admirers.

Of course, this type of grooming helps to present distraught and tragic cinematic characters.

But one only has to think of Tony Leung Chiu Wai, who has had short hair for most of his parts, to remember that it must really be the acting.

Though I'm sure no one's complaining.

Photos from Beijing Chic and Think in English, Count in Chinese.