Scars: Gaspard Ulliel

It is said that the features of one's face influence the range of personalities and emotions a person can inhabit.

Imagine then how many lives an actor can live if he has a deep and prominent scar sliced on his deceptively innocent face.

Cunning and malice can be a faint whiff of smoke, unnoticeable in the crack of a smile.

The scar marks the continuous battle between the masculine and the feminine.

Between fear and lust, peace and violence.

Old stitches seem fainlty visible from the healed wound.

We are drawn deeper into each identity he takes on because we are convinced of his vulnerability. We expect him to understand.

Gaspard Ulliel plays an angel in his upcoming film 'The Vintner's Luck'

Images from Dazed & Confused June 2009, WestEast Magazine #20, and 'Hannibal Rising'. Scanned and taken from