Sacha Hilton on Blogger

Posted a feature on him before, based on his Lookbook page. Now he's a full fledged blogger.

Simple and unassuming, yet so chic, he glitters.

He takes amazing photographs of Paris. He seems to sink his hand into the city. (Apparently he also has friends who are good with the lens.)

It's strange that his nightlife images look so plastic seen against his day pictures, which are flooded with light and bordered by creeping shadows.

Sacha has shots with rain, rust, bent metal, fountains, and ash.

His blog documents melancholy in varying measures.

Beauty and youth that is sickly sweet that delight often wanders into delirium.

Makes you want to ask whether fashion is a refuge for the lost.

Even I cannot answer that as honestly as I would want.

Paris! Ah, Paris!

Why do you kiss with such blue lips?