Rips and pleats

So I woke up yesterday morning wanting to wear something shiny. I hadn't used this American Boulevard shirt for quite some time so I decided to fish it out. Only problem was it had always been a little too long, so I decided, with brave finality, to shorten the hem myself. With nothing but scissors.

Shirt, American Boulevard; ripped jeans, Neil Barrett; thrifted belt; stainless steel abacus necklace, from 168; white leather sneakers (not seen), Converse; briefcase (below), Tyler

Of course I was hoping that the rough edges would also give it a raw feel, but after finishing with the act, that became the least of my problems. The shirt was this time too short! I was near to running late for work, so, with another spur of the moment decision, I sent for a few safety pins.

The damage control looked like this. I need stitching along the upper hem, but I have to decide exactly how to re-attach the part I cut to give that layered effect. More safety pins, studs, you have any ideas? Do you think I should repeat the process for the sleeves?

Whatever I do, I want to retain the raw effect. I think this accident promises a good first DIY project.

As the excitement of the day wore off, I traded my ripped shirt for this pleated one and changed sneakers for an adidas event.

Tuxedo shirt, Zara; ripped jeans, Neil Barrett; thrifted sneakers, Gucci; watch, Omega Seamaster

Outdoor photos by Patricia Suzara