Prada Spring 2009 lookbook

For the past two seasons, I've had Prada lookbooks as my laptop screensaver. Each one has been created as digital artwork to both expand the experience of a collection and to offer a glimpse into its inspiration, and even their own creative deconstruction.

Download the current lookbook here.
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Since the interpretation is more aloof than literal, poetic than journalistic, concerns about styling, wearability, and sellability are set aside. The lookbooks provide suggestions, dream sequences.

They entice from another aesthetic level.

They touch into emotions.

Connect separate events in memory, in such a way as to provide the background of associations for the clothes.

The images are playful and simple.

They are optical illusions designed for keener sight.

They are half-finished sketches.

They tease about what's to come.

Once a customer decides to give in to desire.