Off to the shoe repair shop

I knew I should have brought this pair of Ballys to the shop after I bought them from a thrift store, since the soles had already suffered much wear. (Good thing the woven leather was still intact!)

Now the right shoe cries for help.

I have no choice but to part ways with them for a few days.

Same goes for these Helmut Lang sneakers I bought on sale.

The left shoe grumbles to be repaired.

I know they look like similar trainers by Hogan (with the patent H lettering), but I instantly fell in love with the fine layers of crumpled leather, which are even thinner than paper.

We shall meet again. Now you must be entrusted to able hands.

I will be bringing both pairs to Besa's in Glorietta, where the service has always been friendly. They have sometimes even given me discounts for multiple repairs, and since I have long been a customer.

I trust them with both my brand new and thrifted shoes. Plus leather bags, which they restore with saddle soap and polish, even if I bought them dusty and a little crusted from a thrift shop.

Though the service is a little more expensive than their competitor, they are more than worth it. A vintage addict's reliable friend!