Number (N)ine rips a hotel room to shreds

Designer Takahiro Miyashita found inspiration from a hotel room in Alaska for his Fall 2009 collection, called A Closed Feeling.

Others may be reminded of ninjas, pirates, and shipwrecked conquerors.

But the mesh veil and overall feel of tatters only return the chills that came over me when I watched the Spanish supernatural thriller El Orfanato.

Though there is an unmistakable youthful mischief brought by the use of skirts, socks, breeches, and even ribbons...

...the shirts presented during the second half of the show - with pleated and crumpled bibs, long cuffs, and made from a thin material that gives the impression of old and yellowed lace - heighten the eeriness of the entire concept.

It certainly is strange to watch veiled models walk down the runway only to see them dressed down later on.

Call me weird, but the juxtaposition is unsettling.

As if you are made unsure which among the two sets of vagabonds belong to the dead and which belong to the living.

See the trailer below:

Fantasy aside, I think grown-ups would also want Number (N)ine's new boots.

The shirts can be paired with rugged, shrunken, or distressed (just one or all of the above) suit jackets, as long as both pieces are set off against maybe cords or stonewashed jeans.

Some of the blazers and capes are not as unwearable as we think, given the right occasion and time of day, or should I say time of night.

The appeal of these pieces come from the fact that, seen together, some of these outfits come straight out of dreams.

Some relatively harmless.

And others best left with crumpled sheets.