Mustard yellow jeans

I need a hat. I think the Paul Smith cap below would top this outfit quite nicely. A watch with a brown leather strap, perhaps?

Embroidered tee, Zara; nylon jacket, Izzue; thrifted painter's pants; Conbipel; thrifted sneakers, 5cm; thrifted leather bag, Rabeanco

I've never really devoted much time to hat hunting. I think I should. There are so many varieties - from trilbies to bowlers and newspaper boys to straw panamas - and I think it would be exciting to pair them off with unexpected outfits, either to make a casual look sharper or a relaxed one spiffier. Because of their provenance, different hats can also invoke different eras, and the mood of an entire ensemble. So there are plenty of things to try out.

Including other combinations with my mustard yellow jeans. White, beige, gray, and black tops are the obvious choices. Maybe I'll muster an outfit with a mauve/purple tee, as below. Will just have to find color counterpoints. Black and white check suspenders?