The mongrel Maison

AnOther Man, in its 2008 Fall/Winter issue, publishes its serialised interview with the fashion house composed of 20 questions sent via email on 20 consecutive days, in commemoration of the maison's 20th anniversary

Wednesday, June 4
AnOther Man: What did you all have for breakfast this morning?
Maison Martin Margiela: Coffeeteahotchocolatecroissantpainauchocolatspecialkorangejuiceapplejuicegrapejuicejambreadbaguettekiwibananaapplesaucekrisprollshoney.

Monday, June 9
AnOther Man: What is your favourite joke?
Maison Martin Margiela: Life.

Thursday, June 26
AnOther Man: If Maison Martin Margiela was a dog, which breed would it be?
Maison Margin Margiela: We would have no breed, we would be a crappy mongrel with a stupid name like Roxy or Momo.

Friday, June 27
AnOther Man: How do you feel about answering one question per day throughout the past month?
Maison Martin Margiela: Let's just say we are glad it's not a 50 years anniversary...

Images from Maison Martin Margiela