Manila menswear: Bang Pineda + Jerome Lorico

As of Friday, Bang Pineda and Jerome Lorico are the clear menswear favorites for Philippine Fashion Week's Holiday 2009 collections.

Though the influences of Raf Simons, Comme des Garçons, Yohji Yamamoto, and even Martin Margiela are apparent (hard to escape them!), the mix is the designers' own.

I like the half-zippered sleeves from Bang Pineda, as well as his play with lengths and silhouettes.

The marbling effect on some jeans look unique, amid all that is out in the market.

The hoodies and the twisted shawl collars are likewise commendable.

Of course, who cannot love spots? And no, I don't think it's time yet to abandon the trend.

Pineda's version reminds one of a game with red circular pieces, the name of which I cannot seem to remember at the moment.

Took these pictures from the front row. Will provide better ones once I get them from PR and complete my full menswear review.

The theme of Jerome Lorico's collection is healing. Nevermind that the sling is literal, no injuries were inflicted with the chopping off of sleeves to produce the edgy pieces a la Raf Simons.

I love the zippered bolero on the right. With the asymmetrical styling of the shorts and the leggings, suddenly the all-black outfit is interesting. It becomes a playful uniform.

Urban warriors or decommissioned soldiers?

Maybe modern day ninjas or even doctors on international peacekeeping missions?

Whatever roles can be imagined, I must say that, at least based on these two collections, things are looking up for Philippine men's fashion.

Jerome Lorico photos by Bruce Casanova of OPMB