Hutson's proportions

Obedient Sons is no more, now eponymously rebranded as Hutson after the design pair Swaim and Christina Hutson. The main influence for their Fall 2009 collection is Paris in the thirties.

I must say I can't have enough of the cropped jacket on the left, which goes well with the longer two-toned sweater. Meanwhile, the absence of a lapel for the jacket on the right is well made up for by the contrast piping, especially the way it marks the three pockets. With the beanie, the outfit looks half-in, half-out of bed.

There is a certain awkardness in the length and the cut of some suit jackets, but with the fabric and the colors chosen - not to mention the widely cuffed cropped pants and the thickly soled shoes - the ensembles evoke a quietly sentimental mood or a past era when the music was all ballads used for serenading and perhaps to ease the tension in the air.

The cropped jacket has the same character as the pleated pants. You know there is something else going on when the belt of the trench is fastened well below the waist: again the mood, but this time you know the clothes are made for certain kind of people.

You know he is confident but at the same time not totally free from a little diffidence. Hence the scoop collar of the sweater, hence the big coat silhouette but in a predictable color.

The beanie is a sure clue of the wearer's personality: fun, but subdued.

Otherwise, how would he wear a large shirt as a sweater, or a fake fur coat meant to attract attention to its fakeness.