Hedi Slimane, Ma Vie

Does anybody have this 2004 release with English subtitles (Hedi Slimane, My Life)? It was made by two German filmmakers Christina Trebbi and Gero Von Boehm.

Honestly, it was only after stumbling on this video that I actually looked him up on Wikipedia, since I have always just relied on his clothes, his site—mainly his general diary and fashion diary—for information about him. It was previously enough for me to see his work to get to know more about him, or maybe it was also my way of keeping him an enigma.

I didn't know that he chose the house of Dior over the Gucci and Prada groups. And that was after he left YSL. In this second clip, Yves Saint Laurent himself appears after one of Hedi's shows.

David Bowie is also here, singing something as introduction for Slimane for winning the International Designer of the Year awarded by the CFDA—the first man to have done so.

The documentary follows Slimane to a visit to Japan, where he is filmed signing Dior Homme trainers and blazers for local customers (Just imagine how much these items must cost today!).

Besides the fashion coverage, there are scenes that give us a glimpse into his photography exhibits.

There is a Dior Homme party in Tokyo, and also some parts capturing Hedi Slimane during photo shoots—one with skaters wearing the skirts I previously wrote about (see the latter part of the post).

Of course, Karl Lagerfeld—in a white jacket and tie—appears all throughout the film. I am certain he was all praises.

Hedi Slimane seems larger than life. With his talent and vision big enough to occupy many creative fields, influencing in may different ways, he is the apparent inheritor of an earlier era of fashion, which he now pushes further.

As an aside, something very interesting about this video (I can only guess by watching): no matter how much people have regarded him as intense, serious, and brooding, there are many instances where he smiles just as boyishly as any of his gangling models.