Hedi Slimane's diary

No other online journal charts the inspiration of a fashion designer as closely as the photographic diary of Hedi Slimane, previously of Dior Homme.

He captures images of raw youth and beauty, recklessness, and early or foreshadowed decay.

How can anyone forget his adolescent years: the surge of awareness, the melancholy and yearning, the squirming joy, and the inner scream?

There is of course play, quiet sundry moments, reverie on Hollywood and fame, music, and many other personal impressions and imprints.

It is fascinating to see through the eyes of one person a world according to his opinions, emotions, and dreams. In this way, Slimane's photographic journal is complete.

Hedi Slimane's Dior Homme was the distillation of his diary, a flurry of images and memories that came together, folded their wings, and dripped inspiration on fabric.

Photos from men.style.com and www.hedislimane.com/diary