Hair today...

No, I'm not going bald. I could have said not bald yet, but I don't think that will be soon or even in the distant future, based on my fifty-year-old father's tousles.

Here are studio images by photographer Ari Marcopolous, which in the magazine editorial are accompanied by photos of West Coast youth, celebrities, portraits, and others taken from his portfolio.

Wool oversized pea-coat, Burberry Prorsum; wool poloneck, Jil Sander

'My step was light and I could feel the ball of each foot pushing the earth down from me as I walk', Arena Homme Plus 31 Summer-Autumn 2009
Photography by Ari Marcopolous, Fashion by Olivier Rizzo

What I am more concerned about is impossible, impossible locks, the sheer torture of trying to look decent and at the same time not be totally bored with this most neglected of bodily accessories, which in my case is often a mess. Now partially the reason why I want to try out different hats and look for more beanies.

Wool oversized pea-coat and poloneck: both Trussardi 1991

I have had the same barber's haircut since I was a kid up till a few years ago. Only fairly recently have I ventured to seek the help of hairstylists. Still, the only difference they have made is to add layers, which have to be kept in place by hard-to-remove wax.

Cotton and cashmere reversible trench coat, wool double-breasted coat and wool poloneck: all Dolce & Gabbana

I admit I am drawn to the familiar short crop, but I wish I could go with something else.

Cotton waxed and oversized shirt-jacket, Vivienne Westwood; cashmere coat and cashmere poloneck: both Ralph Lauren Purple Label

Before I was jealous of schoolmates who had wavy hair, who at certain times were allowed to keep them long (like for stage productions). They would have manes like magnificent lions, with minimum maintenance needed.

Jacket and wool poloneck: both Cerruti; denim shirt, Maison Martin Margiela

The recent trend for miltiary-looking dos (short and almost white at the back and sides) never really did it for me.

Cashmere double-breasted coat, Prada; plaid wool shirt-jacket with leather details, Junya Watanabe; wool turtleneck, Jil Sander; wool captain's cap, model's own

And the faux mohawk would taunt me.

Cashmere coat and wool jacket: both Raf Simons; wool poloneck, Jil Sander

I know not everything would suit me, given my features and facial structure.

Wool coat, silk printed surf shorts, and wool trousers (worn underneath): all Yohji Yamamoto; wool poloneck, Jil Sander

Like this one, for example.

Wool oversized pea-coat, Burberry Prorsum; wool poloneck, Jil Sander

Or this one.

Cashmere coat, cashmere jacket, and cashmere poloneck: all Ermenegildo Zegna

Maybe I just want my hair, at least for once, to be my defining feature, like perhaps Bernard Madoff, Albert Einstein, hell, even George Clooney.

Wool jacket, Dior Homme; wool turtleneck, Jil Sander

Tee, Bench; pants, Gas; beanie, thrifted; stainless steel watch, Tissot