Gray shadow play

Let's veer away from color between the two editorials. This time, the outfit is totally in gray, with an emphasis on micro patterns.

I must admit that Calvin Klein has had a lot to do with my monochromatic ensembles. Though others may find it absolutely boring, to me there is a certain deviance to it, even mischief.

You may think that I just blend in with concrete walls and buildings, but the uniform and streamlined aspect to the outfit gives me more freedom for more calculated expression.

Telling you for one thing that I am more than just my clothes, and that it is you, not me, who feels the need to fight for individuality.

Shirt, Memo; micro houndstooth semi-stretch pants, Custom Made; PVC belt, Izzue; sneakers, Surface to Air; tie, thrifted

Top and bottom photos by Cecilia Aycocho