Francesco by Garance Doré

So his name is Francesco, and he is quite the quirky dandy.

If this picture had a title, it could easily have been Pinkish Marble with a Little Bit of Dust.

At first, the combination of four different textures is unsettling. But once you get the hang of it, you discover that Francesco's style has a certain type of appeal.

I ran into Francesco in Paris during men’s fashion week and I definitely enjoyed getting to see all his outfits.

Everyday, he wore something new. Everyday he had some splash of originality, something small, an idea all his own.

I didn’t talk to him much, just admired the way he owned his clothes, how he wore them differently, and how he always had some eccentric focal point, something chic and endearing to catch your eye.
(Garance Doré)

Is that a black Gumby pinned as a brooch? Whatever it is, his butter yellow envelope clutch would certainly melt in anyone's hands. Francesco sure doesn't run out new ideas, or these bags.