For adoption: Gray suede Opening Ceremony saddle shoes

This 43-sized pair of Opening Ceremony gray suede saddle shoes deserves a better home.

They have been used only once for a fashion shoot way back last year, and have languised in a box, choked by plastic, instead of enjoying walks on grass, wooden floors, and pavement.

An exemplary pair, they go very well with denim and chinos.

Divine to the touch.The color should be special for all lovers of gray.

Can you imagine spending lazy and casual days with them?

Here they are worn in the editorial I styled.

Printed polo shirt, Energie; gray Zakuro jeans with print and meshed fabric detail, Mizra; aqua colored cap with apache print, Diesel; maroon leather belt, McQ by Alexander McQueen; metal bead necklace, Leathers and Treasures; ethnic metal bracelet, Anthology; and 1960’s Polaroid land camera, from Swapmeet Shop. Shot at White Box gallery

So here is the story why I had to buy them in the first place, even if they weren't my size.

It was on my first (and until now, one and only) editorial, and I didn't know that the usual local practice was to place masking tape on the soles of the shoes to avoid damage. So I promptly did, right before the shoot began.

But when I got home and started to remove the tape, the mild varnish started to peel with it. I was horrified. In a state of shock, I just removed everything and hoped that the store wouldn't notice.

Of course, they did. I offered to bring the pair to the shoe repair shop, but even there, they didn't offer that kind of service. So I decided, recklessly, to take things into my own hands - with wood stain!

Hence the small smudge on the right shoe. I really didn't know what I was doing anymore. It was all hectic, desperate, and crazy.

To cut the long story short, I had to purchase the pair for around PhP8,000 (US$170).

I know it's all my fault, and all you shoe experts out there can just scold me, but I can't stand the sight of them neglected. They deserve to be used and enjoyed.

Here they are one last time. Anybody interested, just drop me a line.