Face Hunter vs The Sartorialist

Though Yvan Rodic mostly shoots in London and Scott Schuman in New York, they do sometimes take pictures of the same people. But rarely. It more often happens that they snap personal muses.

Their difference in taste is quite evident.

This first juxtaposition shows two gentlemen with hands in their pockets. Both outfits are dominated by blue and both of them coordinate their hair color. Plain vs printed vest, bandana vs tie. Is that a gold colored gadget used as a pocket square?

Left: Face Hunter, right: The Sartorialist.

Single-button cardigan, higher shorts hemline, orange socks, and purple canvas shoes with green laces vs striped scarf with striped shorts, leather strapped watch, and braided belt.

There may be a contest with the hair.

Left: Face Hunter, right: The Sartorialist.

Again the hair.

Fitted suit, Batman, patent hi-tops, ribbed tote vs giant safety pin brooch and sleeker overall effect.

Left: Face Hunter, right: The Sartorialist.

Though very different, both outfits exude vintage.

The man on the left has more accessories: belt, tie, and sunglasses, but the proportions of the other guy's articles may lend greater appeal.

Do you have to like one blogger over the other? Of course not. Even readers have shifting moods.