Edison Chen on WestEast Men and CNN

Hong Kong actor Edison Chen is on the Spring/Summer 2009 cover of WestEast Men, breaking his silence after months of being away from the public eye. He was interviewed on CNN.

Here is an article I wrote on Madonna and Guy Ritchie for WE Men's 'Love & Hate' issue.

Scandal broke last year when a clerk at a computer repair shop leaked photos of him and various women he had intimate relations with—no different from the sex scandal that went straight to a Senate hearing here in Manila, also involving celebrities, but this time, videos instead of photos were circulated.

Edison's "comeback" appears as a plea for forgiveness. Do you believe men when they say sorry and add that they too have been victims? Especially since one of the women in the photos is a daughter of a member of the Triad?

With endorsements and Hollywood roles at stake, his sorrow seems topical. His "wounds" only make-up. But then again, who am I to judge?

Here is Edison on an early cover of WestEast Men, three years ago, in the magazine's fourth issue, at the time he was about to star in the Hollywood version of The Grudge 2. You notice the years have marked his features.

Though he appeared shirtless even then, he wears pieces from Dior Homme's Fall 2006 collection for the inside editorial.

All cocky with a cigarette, you'd wonder if he ever imagined he'd get into the mess he is now in.

Of course, fans forget, and eventually forgive.

Make-up too is quickly removed by heavy creams.