Dark days

The days can just go on and on, without reprieve and without much reflection, not just while going through the motions but even when it comes to happy and continuous improvements.

I have just also enlarged the format of my fledgling street style site, La Folie Douce, and in the past few weeks have been getting more traffic and comments on this page.

Things are moving into a clearer direction, and this also applies not only to my recent fashion choices, but also to my day job at the FT.

Then again, it's been months since I've sat down to work on my poems, which for me, bring everything together in a way that is totally unexpected. Else, writing has meant magazine articles and blog musings. (On the topic of changes, someone has actually followed my poetry blog, which is surprising.)

Personally, only the creative process can distill the sharpest and clearest insights. And there are no point-by-point blog updates or Twitter feeds mid-way. In between there is only silence.

I wonder when that time will come again. I both yearn for it and fear its inevitable return. Till then, I cannot say I do not really enjoy these dark, opaque days. I do. But not as much.

Tuxedo jacket, from a local department store; thrifted plaid shirt, Izzue; micro houndstooth pants, Custom Made; skinny belt, APC; thrifted sneakers and open bonnet hat: both 5cm