Crest on crest

Since I like different parts of this outfit, let me focus on them separately, in the manner of Jak & Jil and Style Bubble.

I like the repetition of crests on the tie and the shirt, though they are of different design.

It is all but natural that the pockets of these nylon pants are found on the front, and are doubled by zippered compartments. These pants are probably among my favorite pairs.

Also these hybrid leather spectator shoes, which look oddly more interesting with the nylon pants because of the hem drawstrings.

Overall, I feel good combining different textures: wool, cotton, nylon, semi-leather, and leather. Joining the parts together feels like creating the complete meal.

Sweater, Muji; shirt, Ben Sherman; nylon pants, thrifted; braided leather belt; vintage; spectator shoes, Giordano Concepts