Color and Clément Louis, 18, from Lille

The guy is yet another Lookbook style savant.

1. Doc Martens, in boots 2. Cashmere scarves, frip, in scarves 3. Cheap monday slim, in denim pants 4. H&M blazers, in blazers 5. Zara shirt, in shirts (long sleeve)

Except for the pictures below and bottom, all his images are split in two: color and black and white. The fact that his outfits look good either way shows his mastery of shade and texture - that it's not just about the hair. (And what hair!)

1. Leather jacket, $120, in jackets 2. Cheap monday slim, in denim pants 3. Zara scarf, in scarves 4. Zenith camera, in jewelry 5. Shoes leather, frip, in lace-ups

One can see that the way he dresses is a result of his attitude: easy, relaxed, but with just enough flair to remind you that he is fiercer than he looks.

1. Lee cooper bag, mother old school bag 2. Pull over 80's, frip 3. Tartan scarf, frip

1. Grey wool sweater, H&M 2. Lee cooper bag, frip 3. Sneakers shoes, gemo 4. Pocket watch, frip 5. Red claret velvet blazer, frip 6. Grey chapka, Jules, in hats 7. Striped shirt, Zara

What did I say?

1. Jean, H&M, in denim pants 2. Grey shirt, zara, in shirts (long sleeve) 3. Skull scraf, H&M, in scarves 4. Ray-ban wayfarer, in watches 5. Gloves, frip, in gloves

More pictures of Clément Louis from his Deviant Art page

Yes, it appears that he is also a good photographer and artist, much like our previous Lookbook feature, Nouk B. from Germany.

What can I say? Much more underneath his Lookbook page.