busy bee...

I had an AWESOME time in Seattle, I took hundreds of photos & I can't wait to share. Unfortunately, returning from a little vacation is a lot less fun than being on vacation. Matt moved us into a new apartment while I was gone, so now half my things are at my old apartment and half are at the new apartment. I washed my hair last night & realized I had no blow dryer or comb, I actually had to brush out my hair like Ariel, with a fork. 
So needless to say between moving & catching up on work I am busy. I want to get my Seattle photos up soon, but we also have the problem of no internet at the new place yet. So while at work I am going with throwing some pretty vintage inspired photos at you while I sort out life! 

Be back soon I promise! :)



I also am excited to take some photos of the new place once we get settled!