Bosquejo Bauble: Amulet necklace

This necklace is part of what I wore today. I have been talking about men's accessories for quite some time. So this is my first DIY attempt to bring together my thoughts on the matter.

My first idea is to use amulets commonly sold in Manila for good luck or to bring specific fortunes to those who wield them. The amulets, or anting-anting in the vernacular, come in a mix of sacred and profane iconography typical of the country's folk Christianity.

I have opted to get rid of all religious and superstitious associations in order to focus on the design.

CX Prêt-à-porter shirt, wool tie, Structure leather belt: all thrifted; jeans, Calvin Klein Jeans; pullover, French Connection; laceups, Marlboro Classics; bag, Tyler; necklace, DIY

Though some may argue that the first necklace looks too feminine, it may either be that there are still some chinks in the design, or that it may only be a matter of interpretation. Nevertheless, I have created this second version that I expressly intend for use by women. My sister has already asked for it.

Hopefully, I'll be able to create more necklaces to expound on this first idea, before I move on to the next.

Bought the amulets from Quiapo