112 looks from Helsinki

Lari (21): "I like my backbag because of the UFO pics. My ex-girlfriend gave it to me. The coat used to belong to her, too. It seems that I get all my clothes from my friends. The 19th century and 80's transgender styles look always good."

I do not know what I like more about the street style site Hel Looks - the fact that it features people from all walks of life, aged 12 to 55, in all their confidence and awkwardness; or the fact that the site features one or two (in the case of group photos) people at a time and lets them actually speak about their outfits, style, inspiration, and even about the events in their lives, in their own words.

Lassi (19): "I'm wearing a coat and a bag by Antti Asplund. The jeans are by Cheap Monday. I like to wear black, easy clothes. I don't want to stand out too much. I like to follow fashion but I don't think about my own clothes that much. I really like Vivienne Westwood and Gareth Pugh."

The site, in effect, becomes a collective style journal of the capital of Finland. Unlike the other famous street style pages, which tail the fashionistas every fashion week, Hel Looks keeps it locally relevant. It allows a city its own terms, and gives it enough space to dream.

Antti (24): "I like slim, sharp, unconventional cuts. My favourite piece right now are these wollen Raf Simons 3D pocket pants with a silk lining. Cold disappears with them on. The shirt is by Gaspard Yurkievich and the brooch is self-made."

Here are 112 looks (not people, since I'm not sure if there are repeats; or actually even more since there are some pictures with two guys) culled from the site from way back in 2005 till the present year.

Petteri (29): "I wear this grey t-shirt almost every day, because I can't decide what to wear. The vest I bought for Chaplin masquerade. The frames are from Specsavers, the calculator watch from Amazon.com, the flurry sneakers from Top-Sport and the necklace is made by my girlfriend Sera. Photos by Jamel Shabazz in Back in the Days inspire me."

These 112 images have been picked not for being on trend, but because each and every outfit suits the people who have chosen them (some with help from their friends, family, girlfriends, and even from strangers' clotheslines), who have decided to live and breathe in them.

Aapo (22): "Tonight I was inspired by Children of Corn trilogy. The jumpsuit, the jacket and the straw hat are second hand, the shoes and the shirt I've bought abroad."

Enough interesting reading for those with another extended holiday weekend.

Aleksi (31): "Tonight I wanted to dress up in the spirit of the 50's. That decade is the cornerstone of my style; neat and smart but practical. I wear lots of second hand. I prefer quality over quantity."

Henri (21): "I wear skinny jeans almost every day. I like black and brown, too. Cheap Monday makes nice jeans. I also like Boss. I hate indie music although my style may indicate something else. I listen to 90's grunge, not indie."

Otto (15): "My style is a mix of the 50's, the 60's and the 70's punk music. When I was 13, I started listening to The Who, The Clash and Eddie Cochran. That's how I found my style. Today I wanted to dress up in a mod-inspired style. The scarf adds colour to it. I mostly shop at thrift stores and small boutiques."

Johannes (27): "I like big cardigans, leather jackets and boots. At the moment I like grey. It's so easy to spice it up with other colours. Band t-shirts inspire me."

Juuso (37): "I'm wearing this hat because I have one meter long dreadlocks. I've had dreadlocks since the year 1988. Stylewise I'm inspired by early anti-fascist skinheads, gypsies, Rastafarians and old geezers."

Jussi (28): "I'm wearing women's jeans, a tank top and a cardigan by Diesel, a vintage hat from Helsinki10 and shoes from Rizzo store. I like carrot-shaped trousers and I often mix new and old stuff that I buy at UFF or Bondegatan in Stockholm. I think good-quality leather shoes and bags are essential. My favourite brands and designers are Cheap Monday, Marc Jacobs and Bottega Veneta."

Ville: "Two words describe my style best: mod and dandy. Tonight I'm wearing a Finnish vintage jacket from the 60's, Merc London trousers and Chelsea boots by Jeffery West. The 60's rules my style. I get inspired by music, movies and escapism."

Tommi (22): "This is my standard look. I like comfortable, wearable clothes. I shop while travelling and at second hand markets. This dress shirt is from UFF store in Riga. I changed the buttons and therefore I put the tie inside the shirt to show the buttons. Japanese art books, photography books and Ryan McGinley inspire me."

Artturi (27): "I was browsing The Sartorialist today and got inspired. All my clothes are second hand except the trousers. I like to wear dress shirts and knits. Gipsy men have a great style. Personality is always stylish, too."

Joona (17): "I always wear lots of black. Since last week I've worn this bunch of necklaces. The bag is second hand. It cost 10 euros. Besides of black I like simple clothes and skinny jeans. Homeless people with their ragged and oversize clothes inspire my style. On the other hand I like posh dandy style, too."

Jaakko: "I'm wearing a trench coat by Surface to Air, a sweater by Raf Simons, boots by A.P.C and Cheap Monday jeans from the time they only had this one wash. Moustache is my favorite accessory as it gives a certain je ne sais quoi to my outfit; regardless of what I'm wearing. I admire people with humour and something thorny in their style – flawless outfits are boring."

Giuliano (17): "I'm wearing Cheap Monday jeans which I ripped because they were a bit tight. The bag I bought yesterday in Turku. The 80 euro hat I got for 15 euros in Holland where I live nowadays. I'm into dark clothes and homeless looks. I love when people keep their styles really simple. New wave bands from the 80's like Depeche Mode inspire my style."

Matias (24): "I'm wearing a 70's ladies jeans jacket by an old Swedish brand, Guld & Blå. My trousers are by Whyred and the shoes by Tretorn. Skinny trousers and white shoes are my trademarks. I like to combine white shoes and white belt with dark clothes. I also really like polka dots, the bigger the better. 60's and 70's guys like Brian Jones and Keith Richards are stylish."

Ville (24): "I bought my coat at Play it Again Sam vintage store last spring. The shirt is from a friend for whom it was too big. The bag is from the 70's and used to belong to my mother. I usually wear a suit, because it fits every occasion. I like to wear black. I think Morrissey has a great style."

Henry (18): "I'm wearing an Oxford Club cardigan from UFF and shoes from Berlin. I like to wear second hand. If I buy new clothes, I try to find more special pieces. Painting, art and colours have inspired me lately."

Patrik (19): "My trench coat is second hand, the jeans by April77, the dress shirt by Fred Perry and the shoes by Vagabond.
I like simple, classic style and black, white or red clothes. My favourite brands are Fred Perry and Cheap Monday. The Hives are stylish."

Joni (23): "Cosmopolitan chic, neo-barbarism, functional simplicity and scandinavian mentality inspire me."

Lauri (22): "I'm wearing only second hand. Wikipedia inspires me."

Sasha (17): "I'm wearing a second hand jacket and my friend's old jeans with my mother's old bag. I like blue and dress shirts with ties. I guess my style is a bit dandyish. Now I'm searching for some Fred Perry and and a new bag."

Elias (16): "I like to wear a vest, as tight jeans as possible and white high-tops. Next I would like to buy a pair of pirate boots. I want to pay as little as possible for my clothes. Ian Anderson from Jethro Tull inspires my style."

Alan (55): "My style is 50's teddy boy. I haven't changed my style since 1965. Clothes have to be tailor-made but it's very hard to find a good tailor these days. The cut and the quality is much better when the clothes are tailor-made. I was very lucky to find these original 50's shoes four years ago."

Robin (31): "I'm wearing Balenciaga knitted long cardigan and jeans, Rick Owens leather jacket and studded scarf, Givenchy jumper with eyelets and Ann Demeulemeester boots. My style hasn't changed for many years. It's just layers and layers of black with some goth tones. I also like Martin Margiela, Romain Kremer, Blaak Homme and Laitinen. Lately I've been impressed by goth teenagers in Helsinki."

Wille (21): "I'm wearing a second hand leather jacket which cost 4 euros and my ex-girlfriend's jeans and scarf. I like clothes that have a story to tell. When I saw Daniel Palillo's designs half a year ago, I became interested in dressing up and clothes. I'm inspired by lotteries, lying and elderly people."

Fernando (20): "My headteacher gave me the 80's sport cloth for this jacket which I designed and made myself. The same design will be part of my Fernando Korpi AW08 collection. I like to wear high jeans like these Dressmann's. I also like dress shirts and ties. My style is a mix of gentleman and cityboy. Old scifi and Marvel comics like Iron Man and body building inspire me."

Achilles (20): "I'm wearing a necklace by Antti Asplund, an old jumper which I've cut with scissors and Cheap Monday jeans with a Louis Vuitton bag and belt. I like to wear black-and-white. Normally my style is more conservative and harmonious. My black jeans are my favourite piece."

Saku: "I just bought the jumper for 4 euros at UFF. Women who are past their middle-age inspire me. I also like strong, garish colours, drama and minimalism."

Miikka (35): "I bought my cap in Greece. Actually I bought 5 similar ones at the same time but in different colours. I like to wear tight jeans and black-and-white. Lykke Li and African prints inspire me at the moment. I think everybody should wear a hat, men and women alike. When you feel good, you look stylish."

Konsta (28): "I'm dressed up for friends' exhibition opening and the last school day of the spring. The jeans are self-customized with felt-tip drawings, the sunglasses are from a thrift store and the cap from a sale at a hip hop store. I had to steal the tie from a second hand shop in Espoo, because I didn't have enough money to buy it. It would have cost 3 euros."

Lauri (18): "All my clothes are second hand except the shoes and the necklace which is by Antti Asplund. The haircut is self-made. At the moment I find it hard to buy new clothes. I just use my old ones."

Ville (18): "Music inspires my style, especially British music from the 60's. The Beatles, The Hives and Aerosmith are all stylish bands. My style has no limits. I appreciate extraordinary people who do they own thing."

Jari (45): "I was in Amsterdam last weekend and got inspired by bows. The cap is actually by Louis Vuitton. The 10 year old frames are by Paul Smith. I usually wear jeans, t-shirt, sneakers and a cap. My stylist friends have told me to wear white dress shirts and white t-shirts this spring. Relaxed attitude and cleanliness are essential. Music videos and movies inspire me."

Niilo (15): "I like smart and sharp Stockholm style with trench coats and skinny jeans. Many of my classmates are interested in clothes and dress up the same way. I like Cheap Monday a lot and Benetton, too. My coat and shoes are from Stockholm, the jeans by Dr. Denim and the bag from H&M."

Noel (21): "My friend made the necklace, I just added the chain. The t-shirt is H&M and a bit fixed. I like big t-shirts and tight jeans. My style varies according to my mood, from more indie to more rave. Lots of my friends dress like this. I cut my own hair. I like American Apparel quite a lot. Daniel Palillo makes pretty nice designs. We Smoke Fags and Kitsuné Music inspire me."

Rekka (25): "I bought this PVC jacket about ten years ago. It might be the most ugly thing I own. The hoodie and the watch are from a second hand market in Kyoto. Incomplete things are stylish. My mother's old piano and the new coming of Finnish street art inspire me."

Janne (24): "I like smart quality clothes. I shop infrequently. If I could afford I would buy more Dior. Now I'm wearing Dior jeans, a jacket and shoes from Zara, a scarf from London, a H&M cap and vintage frames from Optiikkahuone. I think hair is the most important part of style. Clean-cut and smart haircuts are stylish at the moment. I like Toni & Guy. Their haircuts are controlled and chaotic at the same time."

Vesa-Pekka (41): "I bought the Balenciaga trousers in New York. I'm wearing them for the first time tonight. They remind me of my old breeches back in the 80's. I like the cut, too. I've dyed my YSL shirt black myself. The sequinned top is by Chloé. Lanvin and Balenciaga are my current favourites. I like pure and clear-cut but not too minimalistic clothes. Stylish at the moment: a mix of bright colours."

Antton (18): "Snob punk inspires me: smart, classic style with edge. I dress up only for myself. Artists living in the 70's and 80's in London and New York inspire my style. I shop at second hand markets and ordinary clothes stores."

Ossi (19): "I bought this Marjan Pejoski shirt for tonight's party. The brooch is made by my friend and it's called 'Wolf's Eye'. At the moment I'm inspired by the book House of Leaves by Mark Danielewski, especially the labyrinth theme in it. I also like clothes with clear shapes and rhythmicity."

44. Joonas (19): "My friend stole these jeans from a clothes line and gave them to me. Aarni Kurppa inspires me. He introduced the sleeveless t-shirts in Finland in spring 2006."

Juha (44): "My coat is an old fireman's coat. A friend gave it to me. I've had many similar coats from the 40's. The traditional Finnish "jatsari" boots are from Salvation Army's second hand market where most of my clothes are from. I like to wear Marimekko's Jokapoika shirts and tailored old-fashioned trousers. It's my pay day and I'm going to buy a new Jokapoika shirt today."

Peter (27): "I mostly wear black. You can pair it with pretty much anything. I like sophisticated but egdy clothes. Long, abstract sweaters are nice, but I don't like nu-rave thing. Music inspires my style, pop rock and new wave like Bauhaus and The Sound. My favourite designers are Hedi Slimane and Raf Simons and my favourite brands Number (N)ine and April77."

Mies (25): "Because everybody's wearing black this autumn, I chose a red sweater instead. Everything except the jeans is second hand. This period of darkness inspires me. I think Nainen is stylish and Antti Asplund is cool."

Joonas (21): "I'm wearing a jacket by Martin Margiela, Acne jeans, a pullover by Laitinen and shoes from London. My style is eclectic, from classic to more rock-inspired and rugged. I think everything dark and gloomy is stylish at the moment, like Laitinen, one of my favourites. Next spring the prints are coming back. Psychedelic, surrealistic and dadaist prints."

Valentine (17) and Naniyo (19): "Our style is gyaru-o. It's a male version of Japanese gal style. So-called wolf hair, rock-inspired clothes and wearing lots of jewellery are parts of gyaru-o style. We like gyaru-o style, because it looks good and it's something special. We listen to psychedelic trance. Our favourite magazine is Men's Egg. Our clothes are from Japan."

Antti (25): "I'm wearing a jacket by Marjan Pejoski, a second hand hat and boots and self-made accessories. Black, darkness and gothic inspire me now. And the witch from The Blair Witch Project. Everything is black this autumn. I would like to spend a gothic Christmas at an isolated cottage in Lapland."

Aapo (21): "I'm wearing my uncle's old hat, my friend's mother's trousers, a bag from New York and YSL shoes. I invest in shoes. I only wear shoes by Gucci or YSL. I just came back from New York where I lived for a year. New York inspires my style. Now I dress up more radically. People wear less clothes in New York."

Äni Hunden (20): "I bought my trousers at a second hand market at the Swedish Theatre. I've customized them myself. The jacket is second hand as well. My friend's girlfriend bought the hat in Paris. I like to wear sympathetic clothes. I can wear anything, even my mother's clothes."

Francis (34): "I guess my style is funky and alternative, casual smart. I usually mix and match. American Apparel is one of my favourite brands. It's affordable and comfortable and they have bright colours. Raf Simons is my style role model."

Samuli (27): "Today I don't want to stand out too much. I'm wearing mostly Swedish brands like Tiger of Sweden, Filippa K and Acne. Lately I've been inspired by Pirates of the Caribbean, travelling, autumn and boring-looking businessmen in their pink ties and well-groomed hair-dos. Stylish at the moment: walking sticks."

Joonas (24): "I'm wearing a second hand anorak, second hand shoes, Whyred trousers and a second hand bag. A bigger upper body with slim trousers looks good at the moment. Anoraks are stylish. I like Swedish brands and read Swedish fashion blogs like Breach of Style and Klang."

Lauri (17): "All my clothes are second hand except the shoes. The shirt is my mother's old and the trousers I customized myself. HEL LOOKS, Facehunter and some magazines like Kasino inspire me. I also liked the designs by Santino Rice in Project Runway. Daniel Palillo is my favourite Finnish designer."

Yvan (29):"I'm wearing just vintage from different countries. I don't have any rules when I dress up. It's an instinct feeling that guides me. What's hot at the moment? For men: showing your socks and wearing hats. For ladies red lipstick. People could also play more with references beyond the 20's. There's huge potential."

Jonas (22): "I bought the sunglasses at Hietalahti second hand market for 5 euros. The t-shirt is made by my girlfriend. Johnny Thunders looks good. Cheap things inspire me."

Lauri (25): "Blue jeans are nice. And colours, especially pink. 80's t-shirts with He-Man and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles prints inspire me. The Turtles cap is from UFF. It was part of the store's interior decoration for a long time, until I finally managed to buy it. The jewellery is by Antti Asplund. Someone fixed it to my braces at some grabby after-party."

Juha (23): "This monkey is my best friend. The bag is by Vivienne Westwood. They only made 200 bags like this. Pete Burns has one, too, but his bag has lion, not leopard prints. Sleet and nakedness inspire me."

Ansver (23): "I like to mix things and styles. I think Rick James was stylish. The neon jacket is from a second hand market, the fur cap I found at my grandfather's place. I collect old magazines and girls' telephone numbers."

Juho (28): "First I found this bootlace tie. Then I realized I need a cowboy style dress shirt, too. Lately I've been wearing mostly black, grey and white."

Phil (21): "I suppose my style is a mix of streetwear and old, traditional British style. At the moment I've been inspired by hip hop and Helsinki. I like monotone colours. My favourite brands are New Era, Kim Jones and Cheap Monday."

Alex (25): "My girlfriend found the tie from a rubbish shop. The jacket is Victor&Rolf for H&M, the "Armani" sweater is bought from China, the glasses are by Miu Miu. I like Cheap Monday stuff although everyone wears it. I like second hand, but it takes time to find good pieces. My style tip: Go for the look of the Columbian drug dealer. Remember the clip-ons."

Tenho (18): "I mostly wear second hand. It's cheaper that way. This Love Records shopping bag means a lot to me. Love Records was the most legendary record company in Finland and it's really hard to get these bags anymore. I like the 60's and the 70's. Syd Barrett from Pink Floyd is my style role model."

Pyry (17): "My mother gave me the cap and the gloves. The jacket is one of my favourites. I've had it for more than a year now. The jeans I bought from a friend of mine. The shoes I want to get rid of. They are so worn-out. I try to buy as cheap clothes as possible. I like the style of Danish bands like Mew and Kashmir."

Anssi: "I like colourful clothes with bold prints. Now I'm wearing a CTRL hoodie, riding breeches from Beamhill and second hand shoes. I like piercings. Architecture in Helsinki and Regina are stylish bands. Harajuku style inspires me, too."

Ilari (22): "This t-shirt used to belong to my mother. My father brought it from Japan some time in the 80's. The trousers are self made. I wanted to make big, baggy trousers with big patch pockets. Be yourself, quit trying: namedropping is out, passé is so passé!"

Pekka (27): "My style is minimalistic, slim and pointed. My friends' styles inspire me. A must for the spring: boots. Now I'm wearing Boss trousers, Zara dress shirt, H&M tie, Brothers cardigan and boots from Tallinn."

Patrik (27): "Tonight my style is relaxed, sporty and colourful. Normally my style is a bit darker than this. My favourite stores are Wunder and Helsinki10. I like Belgian designers, Bernhard Willhelm for example. His style is special and fresh. Sci-fi, laser and fooling around inspire me!"

Reko (11) and Jere (12). Reko: "I bought this scarf last year. I like it because it's stylish. My jeans are Acne but Levi's and Lee are ok, too. I don't like bright colours. Next I would like to buy a white or grey WESC hoodie." Jere: "I'm wearing jeans by Lee. The shoes gotta be Vans or Lacoste – other brands are ugly. I would never wear rubber boots. We listen to r'n'b and rap. Uniq and Elastinen are the best."

Sebastian (16): "My sister is my style role model. She's beautiful no matter what she's wearing. She always finds nice things for me. I like classic British style. I like to play with colours. Most of my shirts are colourful: pink, turqoise or yellow."

Wilhelm (16): "The leather jacket is second hand, the cap used to belong to my father, the scarf I've had since a kid, the jeans are Cheap Monday. Next I would like to buy a black-and-violet hoodie from Bisquit Stash. And white retro sneakers. My sister is my stylist. My style role model is James Dean."

Max (12): "I like these clothes because they are different and extraordinary. I don't like to wear same kind of clothes as everyone else. I like black and red clothes and punk style. I don't have any style role models. HEL LOOKS website inspires me. I would like to be a professional slalom skier like Kalle Palander."

Tero (28) and Susanna (28): Tero: "The long johns inspire me, the ones I'm wearing now, for example. Pulttibois is nice, too." Susanna: "The winter inspires me. White clothes and white accessories. I would like to have more white jewellery. I'm tired of having an oblong jeans-bottom. I want to be a little lady."

Mikko (28): "I'm an artist and making my doctoral dissertation on the artist myths – that's why wearing a baret is a kind of a joke. I like comfortable and warm clothes. Michel Foucault is the most stylish person in the world. He managed to iconize his look: the poloneck and the bald head."

Matti (23): "The jacket and the jeans are self made. The jacket print is made with old c-cassettes. The jeans legs I've replaced with sleeves. Old computer games and green colour inspire me. My style role model is Mauri Jormakka. He's a former sportsman and from Jyväskylä like me." Mauri Jormakka was the first to produce shell suits in Finland.

Carlo (16): "The shoes are the most important part of my style because I like to skate. I usually wear tight jeans when skating. These are the most baggy trousers I have. The bag is a gift from my friend's mother. I would never wear leather pants."

Kalle (25): "I like comfortable and retro style clothing. I often wear a dress shirt and a tie. This jacket used to belong to my father back in the 70's. I'm a true sneaker head. Asics is my obsession. So many things inspire me: the 60's, New York, hip hop & pop styles."

Jaakko (30): "The shoes are a birthday present from Germany. I bought them myself. The bag is self-made. The next big thing is skinhead gay sailors. Or the Dutch style from the end of the 90's. The queens of style are Nina Hagen and Ola Salo. The capital of style is Berlin, because both Nina Hagen and Marlene Dietrich come from there."

Joonas (18): "I've worn lot of black lately. Black clothes always look good. I don't think about my style that much. I like Pete Doherty's style. He's stylish in a ragged way. The hat is from Sweden, the dotted Marimekko shirt from a second hand store."

Ministeri Pelle (17): "I like colourful clothes. I've customized the vest and the jeans myself. The more ugly you look, the more beautiful you are. My obsession is beer."

Harri (39): "Rockabilly, Rock'n Roll Gucci, Finland vs. Sweden and dark nights inspire me. Days are getting shorter, nights are getting darker. You need to do something! Hot at the moment: layers but in reverse order: large clothes underneath, tight clothes on top."

Antti (24): "These are all from Berlin! T-shirt is by Starstyling, shorts APC and shoes 406g. The necklace is a pocketknife which Kaira gave me. A Clockwork Orange and The Mad Hatter from Alice's Adventures in the Wonderland inspire me at the moment."

Antti (20): "When my father met my mother, he was wearing this leather jacket. Shoes are from Antwerpen. At first they were too small, but somehow they got bigger. The bag used to belong to my sister when she was child. Last time I bought a pair of linen trousers. Funk guys are stylish. My obsessions are drawing, hanging around and photography."

Jarkko (25): "Too bad I'm not wearing a pair of trousers I made this morning out of an old overall. I need to customize my clothes because I'm so small. David Bowie is my style idol. Acne is one of my favorite brands. The most expensive piece I've ever bought is an Umbro pullover by Kim Jones. It cost 300 euros and I've only worn it once."

Markus (22): "I bought these golf trousers from a sale at a sport store. Other clothes are second hand. I like to combine colourful and divergent patterns. I think Michael Jackson is stylish. My obsession is stand up comedy."

Antti (21): "My style is my style! I dyed these jeans myself and added the zips. I've worn these wallet chains every day for more than ten years. There are many great styles, from business suits to rock looks. But the most stylish band ever is The Clash. They were eccentric."

Lauri (19): "Now that I've found these crazy Cheap Monday jeans I can finally stop constantly taking in the seams of my jeans! These jeans are absolutely crazy. I saw a picture of them and I was in love! What can I wear after these jeans?"

Jaakko (21): "The secret of my style is Oksanen – it's the only place I shop. Now my apparel is springlike: I'm wearing just a t-shirt underneath my jacket and still I'm not cold. My favorite colour? Let's say brown."

Marko (31): "I'm wearing a young gentleman's uniform. Jacket and trousers are hand made, suitcase and scarf second hand, serial killer gloves are from some discount store. I like clothes with some kind of permanence. Big logos cause me mental rash! The capital of style is definitely New York. You can still find great old school clothes shops there. I think self-confidence is the corner stone of style."

Anders (38): "I like all things authentic and real. For example this leather jacket is a true biker jacket. And I like these Evisu jeans because they are raw denim. I like vintage, Levi's Red and dream of Dsquared. I do follow trends but I do not necessarily meet them. My style idol is a synthesis of all rock stars!"

Juha (24): "I often wear band t-shirts because I just keep on getting them. I like zip hoodies and jeans, too. I guess my favorite jeans brand is Lee. This hoody is from Lost Shoe in New York. Jacket is Levi's and sneakers Vision. I'm not loyal to any brand, though. I don't buy that many clothes."

Erik (19): "I need a new leather jacket. My only obsession is skate boarding. The most stylish skater in the world is Patrick Melcher. Otherwise my style idol is Dee Dee Ramone."

Tuomas (15): "I just bought this cap from Tetuan. The jacket I found at a market at the countryside. It's hard to find nice clothes. My obsessions are skating and cafes. I like The Smiths, Bravery, Ramones and Mötorhead."

Miska (33): "All kinds of visual things inspire me. I like to mix old and new. I have many different styles. Today my style is more clean-cut because I just met my girlfriend's parents for the first time!"

Henrik (23): "I found this Luhta jacket one month ago at UFF. I like down-to-earth colours and red t-shirts. My favorite is a brown cardigan that my mother made for my father in the 70's. Female Sonic Youth fans are stylish. My obsession is touching music like Bob Dylan."

Heikki (21): "I came to Finland for Christmas holidays without any proper clothes. These are all from the recycling center and from my grandfather's wardrobe. I like second hand and Icelandic design like Dead. I like to dress up. I was encouraged during my stay in Iceland. Icelanders have the courage to wear even glitterpop bum bags."

Ville: "My style is a modern version of dandyism with a touch of Bohemianism. I don't follow fashion or brands, I rather put my money into books and culture. My obsession is art."

Mikko (19): "I like leather jackets, boots, sneakers, jeans and leather bum bags. I've had this style for many years – I don't want to give up something that I've once approved. 80's Michael Jackson was stylish. I do shop quite a lot but mostly second hand, because the clothes stores are nowadays so expensive. I like clothes that feel natural and cool."

Emmi (19) and Lauri (19). Emmi: "The secret of my style is my grandmother's wardrobe. It's not worth spending money on new clothes. My style idols are Andy Warhol and David Bowie." Lauri: "I like black and tight clothes. Normally my style is simpler than tonight." "We are going to be university drop-outs! We'll found a dirt expensive boutique selling lousy clothes!"

Pietari: "At the moment I'm inspired by black, skulls, dandyism, decadence and Japan, although the last one sounds like a cliche. I can't help myself but military is always on top! I've always collected uniforms. It's worth investing in them because they will be in fashion sooner or later again. I like instant dressing: to take the first garments that happen to greet me."

Cato (23): "My style is kind of boring. All these clothes are from H&M. I think you can really find nice things there, too. I can wear anything, I have different styles. I do follow fashion. Lately I bought Tokion and Bulgaria magazines. You can see more special clothing here in Helsinki than in my home country Norway. It's more mainstream over there."

Unski (48): "I've had this style since 1973. That year I found Chuck Berry and sold all my lousy prog rock LP's. The final step was when I saw American Graffiti. I shop at second hand markets and have suits and shirts tailored in Far East. For example these pants were made after my own design in Thailand. I don't feel myself at home in modern clothes. I think we are living unstylish times."

Sasu (23): "I've had a black feeling lately. This fall I've been to minimalistic, black-and-white things. I often have stereotypies – like sailor styles or uniforms – as a starting point of my style. Sometimes it's just a detail that inspires me. I cut a hole in my hoody because there was a logo on it. Underneath I'm wearing a nice black-and-white Eva Dahlgren t-shirt."

Marko (26): "I try to find more individual clothes and invest in my style. I think style is a question of self-confidence; many people don't dare to stand out. I also like feminine colours like pink. The combination of tie and vest gives a nice touch, too. My favorite brands are Dsquared and Dolce & Gabbana." Jacket and pants Antonio Marras, shoes Neil Barrett for Puma.

KSPR (31): "I've made this panda sweatshirt myself. The gloves and scarf are from H&M. I try to visit H&M once a year, at least every time I visit a new city. It's amazing how global the brand is. Jenni brought these Swear shoes from London. She also found this blazer from a dump for me. Hot stuff in the year 2006: t-shirts with bicycle shorts. I'm also waiting for the denim sweat suits to reappear again."

Eero (21): "My style is quite strict: I always wear dark clothes, tight jeans and Converse shoes. I like blazers and leather jackets. I think 80's brittpop-newwave-punk is stylish. You can find interesting things from speed metal at the turn of the 90's, too. Interpol is stylish...but I guess this is quite a common answer?"

Jyri (28): "My glasses are a retro model from Optiikkahuone. I like colourful dress shirts - I work with engineers and I hope my shirts will cheer them up. The pins are from Karhu designers. I support Karhu. I wish Vuokko would make a comeback, too. When someone mixes beautiful and ugly and makes new kind of beauty out of it, that's stylish. I like to shop at Södermalm, Shoreditch and Shibuya."

Teemu (16): "My style is rock. Tight jeans and suit jacket are from The Clash, my hair is Skidrow style and my make-up is Hanoi Rocks. I shop at girls' departments because I like tight and skinny clothes. I get jeans from my friends and then I take in them. I would never wear baggy clothes. My grandmother made this mitten for me."

Ville (17) and Valtteri (16). Ville: "I make clothes myself. I always sew by hand so I can watch TV at the same time. I've studied how the shirts are constructed and then imitated them and improved the pattern." Valtteri: "I like to wear hats, because it's easy to change the style with them. I customize and make clothes. I've sewed a poncho for example. I had no pattern for it, I just made it."

Juha (22): "I dress up according to the weather or the situation. I don't respect any labels or brands."