Up in the air


No, I didn't just throw my 2-year-old niece in the air. Neither am I waiting for a lizard to fall from the ceiling (or yesterday's pizza for that matter).


Counting one red balloon for July 22 2008 - July 22 2009, when I had the foolish idea that maybe I too can blog even if I didn't grow as a teenager with an insatiable "passion for fashion" (now this phrase sounds inflated).

It is also my brother's birthday today, so double cause for celebration.


There's the other balloon, counting for El Bosquejo's 2nd year from 2009-2010, when I was flown to New York and made amazing friends, when young designers from all places started noticing, when I covered fashion shows and met other bloggers, wrote for more magazines.


The two years have been amazing, and though this page remains as volatile as helium, I hope you too have been having as much fun as I am (even if most of the time I sound so heavy and serious).


And there it goes again. I wonder what events will bring the coming year. Hopefully more wonderful friends.


I have had my share of crazy commenters (no exaggeration), lazy and low days, but all in all the time has been worth it. Looking forward, no other way than up.

Tee, Zara; jeans, Bench; jacket, thrifted; sneakers, Bass; belt from Divisoria