Sunday at the market, village boutiques, and thrift stores


New haircut! (Somebody already said I look fatter…) It was a busy day yesterday, ended with me finishing my next post for Benetton. Yes, without actually cramming!

Henley, cK Calvin Klein; jeans, Trussardi Jeans; belt (just seen), Brave Beltworks; Young Camel bag, chukkas, and pendant necklace: all thirsted; tiger's eye necklace, Divisoria; vintage watch, Omega Seamaster


So right before lunch, I headed to Legaspi Market, right at the center of Makati, not to mention the noontime heat.


Think I've passed this stall hundreds of times, and each time I felt drawn to these slippers/sandals. I like their stappiness, but something stops me from jumping at a pair. Maybe it's the coiling pattern on the toes? Looks awfully comfy though.


Then I headed over to Theodore's, which relocated from Fort Bonifacio's High Street to Palanca Street, just a short stroll from Legaspi Market. Looks a little foreboding from the outside, but at least now it can say it's a hole-in-wall store.


Looky-looky. Vintage US coins made into rings. I want these in different sizes for all five fingers.


Some old, lonely belts with serpentine buckles and studs and rhinestones on the leather. (And a pirate!) Too bad, my size has long sold out.


The track mark pattern on their windows is a smart and cheap way to make the display interesting. The theme continues inside, even to the dressing rooms.


Then off to the Trilogy Boutique and Canteen, another neighborhood shop.

To digress a little, just wanted to share that for a long time I have also been dreaming of something like this: a combination of fashion, food, but much more literature, design, art, and of course, well-curated music. Just don't know where, or when. Promise me that when I come to it, you'd pay a visit...


The colorful Canteen menu.


Trilogy now stocks Tom's for your summer espadrille needs, and some nice semi-sheer shirts (displayed behind). As for me, I'm sticking to my authentic espadrilles. Ordered two more pairs since my first one is falling apart.


My last stop was to Cubao and its handful of thrift stores, where I found nothing but shoes. This first pair is actually emerald green. Just look at that leather! I have no way of knowing whether it was croc or just faux croc. it just felt so good on the feet. Only information left on the pair is the "handmade" mark on the soles.


Crazy webbed feet! The lower part appears heavy duty. For snow? Coal mines or tar pits? I love the laces and the combination of suede and the plastic Donald Duck beaks.


Yes, more tassels, but what's unique about this pair is the rubber sole and the super comfortable Rockport engineering. I could walk with these for hours, like rubber shoes, while still appearing preppy casual.


This is also a comfortable pair, with very soft leather. The tag on these boat shoes says the brand is Filler, made in Italy.


While I was ready to go home with my shoe purchase (just one pair, guess which), I saw these patent brogues. As expected, the leather was pliant and very soft. They're Miu Mius. A tad large for me, they still called out. Thing is, I don't know if I like the idea of wearing square toes. They just seem anachronistic. You think they'll ever come back? Can you guess which season?