The six-ring DIY necklace

During my necklace-making hiatus, a friend asked if I could copy something. Copy! Though someone has already accused me of copying designs, I have never intentionally mimicked another person's work.


Then again, I am using "DIY" as part of this post's title, which has come to refer to people "copying", in their own creative ways, what designers show on the runways. For this piece, I just wanted to call it DIY because it serves as a prototype of sorts since I haven't actually used leather in my works.

Left: Manila-based Brazilian model wearing what my friend wants me to copy, Right: my nameless prototype


The rings worn, just to give you an idea of the material (stainless steel). Plain and embossed.


I have used three strands of (low-quality, another reason it is only a "prototype") suede, tying them to each other at different parts.


A closer view. I like how the rings go together.


Hope my friend, who is vacationing in California, likes it. Maybe I'll even wear it and show you how it looks like worn, before my bum friend returns.