Robert Geller for Levi's

After the white shirt and tee, I don't think there's anything sexier on a man than a worn out denim shirt.

One-pocket denim gradient shirt

After denim comes chambray.

Reconstructed chambray work shirt

Denim is a naturally masculine fabric, built for work and wear.

Bib-front denim shirt

Meant to collect dust.

Type III vest with Sherpa lining

Denim has its own frank confidence.

Long work coat

Robert Geller's design quirks have done Levi's well.

Type III trucker jacket with blanket lining

Heightening the sensuality of denim.

Long Mod parka with blanket lining

1933 501 jean

606 slim jean

But don't you think his white shirt is more complicated than necessary?

Armhole-pleat shirt

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